As part of our efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible and 100% cruelty-free (no exceptions), the candles found in our boutique are supplied by Soy Candles by Phebes (Atlanta, GA) and Love & Kindness (Woodlands, TX).

Soy candles burn cleaner (almost soot-free), are phthalate-free, and contain no beeswax ~ the ultimate in vegan- and Earth-friendly ambiance.

Once you've got the room filled with lovely scented candles, pamper your body with some equally eco- and animal-friendly handmade soaps or massage oils by Herbaria.

Of course, in harmony with the yoga studio, we have several yoga accessories from Natural Fitness and Yoga Design Lab, clothing from Hyde Yoga, a broad selection of books, Maharishi Ayurveda teas, and more to enhance or facilitate your practice. 


Our artisan boutique also features Fair Trade items from NOVICA (a National Geographic company), including handmade earrings and vases. These items are handmade in India, Bali, and Thailand. All the NOVICA items are Fair Trade certified to ensure the artist is getting a fair wage for their beautiful artisan craftsmanship. We also have handmade, recycled glassware, from Fire & Light, which includes tea light holders, decorative bowls, and gorgeous vases.

**If there is something specific you'd like from any of our vendors, please don't hesitate to put in a special order with us and we'll get it in the boutique for you!**