Flight School w Jordan Cromie & Sheila Attayi

Flight School: Summer 2017

This playful workshop-style series will focus on various inversions, arm balances, transitions, and standing balances while also exploring the asanas that build a strong foundation to create the strength and flexibility to perform the more advanced asanas safely. The series will also address the mental obstacles that arise, such as fear/courage, non-attachment to results, and ahimsa. Bring your patience and a playful attitude!

Yoga experience recommended.

May 26 - Flight Fundamentals (Teacher: Sheila, Assist: Jordan)

June 23 - Float, Progressions, & Transitions (Teacher: Jordan, Assist: Sheila)

July 28 - Strength & Flexibility (Teacher: Sheila, Assist: Jordan)

Aug. 25 - Taking Flight (wild card night throwing in some fun & funky things) (Teacher: Jordan, Assist: Sheila)

$45 Full series
**Purchase full series by May 15 and be entered to win Ray Long’s ‘Anatomy For Arm Balances’ ($35 value). Full Series registrants will also receive a special Flight School ‘Graduation’ gift at the end of the summer.**

Single session $15 (or use your regular class pack)

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 May 26  June 23  July 28  Aug 25 

Gentle Summer + Massage Package

Learn the art of relaxation and restoration. CBY is bringing massage back to you this summer, and we’re packaging it with classes at over 55% discount to help you have a gentle summer. Enjoy unlimited YIN/RESTORATIVE/GENTLE Yoga at CBY all summer long, as well as up to 4x 60 minute massages with Rachel Moses, LMT.

+ 1x 60 Minute Massage $125 (a $279 value). Must be activated no later than Aug 1.

+ 2x 60 Minute Massages $250 (a $558 value). Must be activated no later than July 1.

+ 3x 60 Minute Massages $375 (a $837 value). Must be activated no later than June 1.

The following classes are eligible for this package:
Mondays 12-1pm Gentle
Wednesdays 12-1pm Yin Flow
Saturdays 11am-12:15pm Yin Flow
Sundays 2:15-3:30pm Restorative


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Roll & Restore 101 Summer Series w Karen Henderson

As a part of CBY's "Summer School" specials this year, Karen will be teaching a 4-part series in Roll & Restore. In this class we will make generous use of the Yoga Tune Up® balls for techniques such as skin rolling, cross-fiber-motion and sustained compression. Providing targeted self-massage to overused, underused, and misused high tension areas. This is a simple way to restore our bodies and minds, keeping us balanced and free of pain.
No Experience Necessary. Click the dates below to register for classes.
  May 13  Jun 10  Jul 8  Aug 12  
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Moon Sequence

The Moon Sequence is a precursor to the Ashtanga Primary Series and is generally more accessible for almost all yoga practitioners. If you are having trouble with the Primary Series, or if you are struggling with an injury, this sequence is a great alternative. Although there are no jumps in this sequence, the core principles of vinyasa (continuous flow and awareness of breath) are maintained.

Chandra Krama is intended for practice on the new and full moons. Practicing an alternative gentle sequence at those times of the month can be advantageous. For example, you will avoid strain and injury if you do not do a strenuous practice at those times, and you can become increasingly aware of your changing internal body condition as influenced by the waxing and waning moon. Alternatively, the Moon sequence can be done at any time when you are feeling tired or incapable of doing your regular practice. Practiced with patience, this sequence is rewarding and strengthening.

The Moon Sequence, as taught at CBY, blends Matt Sweeney's Ashtanga Moon Sequence with a sprinkling of Doug Swenson's Sadhana Yoga Chi philosophy and wrist releases. This practice is generally therapeutic for the shoulders, wrists, knees, hips, and lower back.

Click the dates below to register for these specialty classes.

  July 8  


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Max Strom Coming July 2018

Max Strom will return in 2018!


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Andrew Eppler

Andrew Eppler, a studio favorite for his Ashtanga insight and fun-loving magic tricks, will be returning to Cherry Blossom Yoga in Spring 2017. Save the dates and continue your springtime with a treat of self-healing through breath, movement, and community.

Yoga workshops with Andrew Eppler are insightful and kind-hearted. His workshops are a glimpse into a traditional world from a contemporary point of view, and get right to the point of why we practice yoga and what it does for us as it becomes established in our lives. Andrew has studied with Sri BNS Iyengar, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, David Williams, Danny Paradise, and Cliff Barber. He has practiced, taught, and studied in many parts of the world over the last 30 years. Andrew focuses on the fundamental techniques of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga including Surya Namaskar, Vinyasa, Alignment, Bandhas, Mudra, Pranayama, and the Philosophy behind these practices. Andrew tries to enrich each student’s yoga experience by encouraging an approach that makes Yoga a healing, empowering, evolving, consciousness expanding, sacred, and lifelong journey.

Friday Apr 28
The workshop will begin with the fundamental elements of Ashtanga Yoga including breath and bandha. Surya Namaskar, Standing Postures, and Vinyasa technique will be discussed in detail. We will talk about the history of this style of yoga and how it has evolved into Western culture. Andrew sometimes uses magic and illusion to illustrate points about yoga philosophy and the nature of human perception. In his view Yoga is an exploration and cultivation of one’s physical wellbeing, personal awareness, and internal environment which helps us all to replace inappropriate patterns with more appropriate ones. This class is for everyone who has an interest in Ashtanga Yoga regardless of their fitness level or how long they have been practicing.

Saturday Apr 29
This will be a led Primary Series class with each breath called out. We will take time to focus on the more challenging postures and explore ideas for how to safely approach them. One goal of this class is to give students more options for how to modify postures. All approaches will be explained in a way that keeps the breath and bandhas stable and uninterrupted. Each of us have different challenges in the practice. The aim of this workshop it to teach the Ashtanga sequences in a way that empowers students in their own sacred, healing, evolving, life long yoga practice.

After asana practice we will move on to more subtle practices. The Bandhas we use in Ashtanga Yoga are derived from Mudra practices. We will explore the subject of Mudra and the specific exercises that correspond to the Bandhas. Mudra is a vast branch of yoga and involves a very diverse set of practices. Through these techniques students can gain a much better understanding of what the bandhas do and the role they play with breath. These practices lay a foundation for Asana and they are essential for practicing Pranayama.

Sunday Apr 30
This will be a gentle tour of 2nd series that is appropriate for everyone. We will discuss how to transition into 2nd series in daily practice and practical ideas for determining when it is appropriate to do so. Intermediate postures can help to create a more balanced practice and take us through the limitations that hold us back in Primary Series. The aim of this class is to demystify the 2nd series and to inspire students to take their practices further.

Pranayama is the 4th Limb in Ashtanga Yoga and forms a bridge from the physical practices of Asana and Mudra into the more subtle realms of concentration and meditation. The basic Pranayamas of Sri BNS Iyengar’s system will be taught. We will discuss how to safely begin these practices and incorporate them into daily life. We will also discuss the yogic ideas of the nervous system that are connected with Pranayama. Kundalini, Shushumna Nadi, Ida and Pingala will be explained. These practices form part of an ancient philosophy and provide a glimpse into the inner practices of Yoga which become relevant as we go deeper into our practices.

$60/single session
$225/full weekend

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Coming Soon : Doug Swenson Nov 3-5, 2017

Doug Swenson, Sara's teacher and a studio favorite for his Sadhana Yoga Chi and fun-loving spirit, will be returning to Cherry Blossom Yoga in Fall 2017. Save the dates, details coming soon!

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