7th Series: Knitting Circle & Tea Party with Jackie & Sara

Everyone enjoyed the last knitting circle, and it's been whispered in the hallways of CBY that others may have interest in learning to knit as well. I aim to serve all the learning needs of the students.. SO LET'S KNIT! Knitting can be quite a zen activity. It also encourages dexterity in the digits, reducing aggravation or potential for arthritis and other joint issues.

You're welcome to bring your own project, if you're already a knitter. If you're new to knitting, we'll be learning how to do the basic stitches (cast on, knit, purl, bind off) by making an easy-peasy wash cloth. I'm thinking the pattern should be quick enough to learn within the 2 hour time frame, so you'll have something to take home and continue working on! YAY!

You're also welcome to simply come and have teatime while others knit. I'll be sure to put the kettle on and perhaps have some tea cookies to accompany our afternoon.

For those choosing to learn to knit, YOU'LL NEED TO BRING THE FOLLOWING ITEMS (I'll bring in some extra needles, but I can't guarantee I'll have enough of the size we need for the pattern).

*Size 6 (4mm) knitting needles
*Yarn: Any color of choice. 100% cotton, 120yds/70.9g

If you're unsure how to purchase the above items, go into a knitting store and tell them what you need - they'll help you out.

Why 7th Series? In the Ashtanga world, there are 6 asana series' of increasing difficulty and focus.. and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (modern father of Ashtanga Yoga) would often jest that 7th series was the most difficult because it was family life. In today's world, our family is more than blood - it is with whom we choose to spend our time.. our chosen family, including our yoga family at CBY. And that chosen family must be nourished, cared for, but most of all enjoyed by spending time together doing something fun.
  Dec 2 & 16, 1:30-3:30pm  
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Holiday Moon Sequence: Dec 17, 2017 - 12:30pm

The Moon Sequence is a precursor to the Ashtanga Primary Series and is generally more accessible for almost all yoga practitioners. If you are having trouble with the Primary Series, or if you are struggling with an injury, this sequence is a great alternative. Although there are no jumps in this sequence, the core principles of vinyasa (continuous flow and awareness of breath) are maintained.

Chandra Krama is intended for practice on the new and full moons. Practicing an alternative gentle sequence at those times of the month can be advantageous. For example, you will avoid strain and injury if you do not do a strenuous practice at those times, and you can become increasingly aware of your changing internal body condition as influenced by the waxing and waning moon. Alternatively, the Moon sequence can be done at any time when you are feeling tired or incapable of doing your regular practice. Practiced with patience, this sequence is rewarding and strengthening.

The Moon Sequence, as taught at CBY, blends Matt Sweeney's Ashtanga Moon Sequence with a sprinkling of Doug Swenson's Sadhana Yoga Chi philosophy and wrist releases. This practice is generally therapeutic for the shoulders, wrists, knees, hips, and lower back.

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  Dec 17, 12:30pm  


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Max Strom Coming July 2018

Max Strom will return in 2018 for public workshops, as well as a teacher training (must be 200 or 300RYT certified to register for the Teacher Training portion). Details coming soon...


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Andrew Eppler


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Doug Swenson

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